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Personal Services

We establish a personal individual relationship with each client which enables us to offer individual advice on how to improve your personal financial situation.


The self-assessment system can be very complicated and daunting. We can help you navigate your way around self-assessment and avoid the penalty regime that is implemented by HM Revenue & Customs.
We offer a fully comprehensive self-assessment service from advising you of your tax position to preparing your tax return. For further information on self-assessment, follow this link to the HMRC website.

Rental Income

If you let out all or part of a property (including your home) how you are taxed on the rental income you earn depends on the type of letting. If you let property abroad, you may have to pay UK tax on the rental income if you are resident in the UK for tax.
We can advise on this and offer a fully comprehensive service to prepare rental accounts. Further information can be found on the DirectGov website.

Non-resident and Domicile Issues

Residency and domicile issues are very complex areas. We can advise and give comprehensive guidance in these areas and help make sense of this complicated area. Further information can be found at the HMRC website.

PAYE Tax Codes

PAYE tax codes can be very complicated. In some instances HM Revenue & Customs use PAYE codes to correct and collect underpaid tax from individuals. It is therefore very important that your tax code is correct. Contact us today to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your PAYE code. Follow this link for the HMRC's PAYE calculator.

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Inheritance tax affects most people who own their own property now as recent increases in property values mean more estates are within the inheritance taxable bands.
We can help plan, through careful tax planning, to reduce your exposure to inheritance tax. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you preserve as much of your wealth as possible for your chosen beneficiaries. For further information, follow this link to the HMRC website.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gain can be a very complicated tax that has a number of reliefs available that can reduce the tax exposure.
We can advise on any potential Capital Gain Tax due before an asset is sold so that you can consider the tax implications before selling an asset.
We also offer a fully comprehensive service to establish your capital gain tax position and advise on any possible reductions in the tax or reliefs available. Further information can be found on the HMRC website.

National Insurance

There are different types of National Insurance due depending on the type of income you earn. We can advise on your individual circumstances and establish what National Insurances you should be paying. Follow this link to the HMRC website for more information.

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